Kyle Vath, BSN, MHA, RN: Kyle Vath is the CEO and co-founder of RegLantern, a company that provides tools and services to health centers that help them move to continual compliance. These services include mock site surveys and web-based tools that allow health centers to organize their compliance documentation. Kyle has served in a wide range of healthcare settings including serving as the Director of Operations for Social Ministries for a large health system, Provider Relations for a health system-owned payer, the Director of Operations for a Federally-Qualified Health Center, long-term care (as a nursing manager, director of nursing, and licensed nursing home administrator), in acute care (as a critical care nurse), and in Tanzania, East Africa as a hospital administrator of a rural mission hospital.

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Go (Almost) Paperless

As the new year begins, health center leadership and mid-level managers all over the country are planning to ramp-up a new year…bracing for…

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