We began the year with a list of 7 ways your health center leadership and mid-level managers can start the year off on the right foot. So how do team members who have such a broad job description stay focused and start the first quarter off intentionally? Moving on to number 4!

#4 - Get Organized

There are few things more frustrating than spending hours working on a project and then not being able to find it. Maybe you saved it to the desktop, or you labeled your important diabetes report, “Document1”. This disorganized chaos is unnecessary and preventable.

Organize easy-to-remember folder names and develop (and use consistently) a document naming convention that not only works for you, but will work for the people who follow you when you are recruited away by that six-figure QI job…or, more likely, when you are out for an extended leave after getting hit by lighting.

There are a number of helpful suggestions for developing your own naming convention (Here’s a good one) but regardless of the one you choose, use it consistently. Dedicate some time each week to organizing. The time you spend will yield dividends in the coming year.

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