👋 Welcome, this is part 1 of a 7 part series.

As the new year begins, Quality Improvement (QI) coordinators all over the country are planning to ramp-up a new year…bracing for the ever-present mantra… “That’s a ‘quality’ issue”. Barely before your blood glucose levels return to their pre-holiday-gorging state, there’s no doubt that some QI coordinator somewhere will again be overwhelmed by a broad-spectrum of concerns. So how do team members who have such a broad job description stay focused and start the new year off intentionally? Over the next week, I will suggest 7 ways to start the new year on the right foot…

#1 – Go (almost) Paperless

In this era of hybrid reporting (some reports are manual and others are computerized), paper is not yet a thing of the past. But much of the clutter filling our cramped and dimly-lit QI offices is unneeded and decreases our efficiency. Before the new year, work to put at least one “paper something” on the computer… and then throw that “paper something” in the recycling bin.

Small Test Image A relic of the 1980s. They used to call this a, “filing cabinet”.

Physical clutter can translate to mental clutter and results in stress and burnout. Plus, digitizing documents provides the power of the key-word-search and copying and pasting – both time-saving hacks.

Scanning documents that are hand-written logs or items that cannot be digitized is another great way to clear out your clutter. If you don’t have a document scanner, spend the money and buy one. Keep the most recent and shred the rest.

In 2018, more than two dozen paper hanging file folders is unnecessary. The age of multiple four-drawer filing cabinets is (or should be) a thing of the past. Usher in the coming year with a 21st century (almost) paperless office.